Migrating from VMware vFabric Web Server 5.x

Note: This product has been discontinued. Technical Guidance ends July 15th 2018.

Important: If you are upgrading from Pivotal Web Server 5.4.0 or later, complete the instructions in Upgrading Pivotal Web Server instead.

If you are migrating from VMware vFabric Web Server 5.3.x or earlier to Pivotal Web Server 6.2 , you will notice that the default installation path has changed. The path, formerly /opt/vmware/vfabric-web-server/, now defaults to /opt/pivotal/webserver/. The structure of the application and instance directories is unchanged.

Update the Installation Path and Relocate All Instances

This option is available for all distributions, and is preferred as a longer term solution.

  1. Complete the installation instructions to deploy Pivotal Web Server to your preferred location (typically /opt/pivotal/webserver). See Installing Pivotal Web Server.
  2. Either copy or move the /opt/vmware/vfabric-web-server/instance tree to /opt/pivotal/webserver/instance, including all file permissions and ownership.

    • Copy the tree to minimize downtime of active instances.
    • If you move the tree instead, stop and uninstall vfabric-web-server/instance prior to moving the directory tree, as documented in 9 below.
  3. Change to the /opt/pivotal/webserver/instance directory.

  4. Invoke the fixrootpath as follows:

    ../fixrootpath.pl –srcdir=/opt/vmware/vfabric-web-server –dstdir=/opt/pivotal/webserver

  5. Change to the /opt/pivotal/webserver directory.

  6. Update the httpdctl script with new features plus the revised pivotal httpd instance service names:

    ./newserver –server=instance –update

  7. Update the user and group names from vfhttpd to pwshttpd by modifying the User and Group directives in the instance/conf/httpd.conf file. Invoke the following commands from /opt/pivotal/webserver/instance to locate and replace the corresponding file and directory ownership:

    find . -group vfhttpd | xargs chgrp pwshttpd

    find . -user vfhttpd | xargs chown pwshttpd

  8. Update the module and path names and the authorization sections in the instance/conf/httpd.conf file to match the 2.4 version. For guidance, see the Apache HTTP Server documentation.

  9. Stop and uninstall the old instance if not performed before step 2. above:

    /opt/vmware/vfabric-web-server/instance/bin/httpdctl stop

    /opt/vmware/vfabric-web-server/instance/bin/httpdctl uninstall

  10. Install and start the service from the new path:

    instance/bin/httpdctl install

    instance/bin/httpdctl start

  11. Repeat steps Step 2 through Step 10 for each previously deployed server instance.